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Catalog Number 2016-0314187563
Title Literature :
an introduction to fiction, poetry, and drama /
Object Name Book
Summary Literature :
an introduction to fiction, poetry, and drama /
Author(s):Kennedy, X. J.
Publication:Boston : Little, Brown,
Edition: 4th ed.
Description:xlii, 1447 pages ; 23 cm
Contents:Fiction -- Reading a Story -- Fable and Tale -- W. Somerset Maughan/ The Appointment in Samarra -- Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm/ Godfather Death --Plot -- The Short Story -- John Updike/ A & P -- Point of View -- William Faulkner/ A Rose for Emily -- Frank O'Connor/ First Confession -- Edgar Allan Poe/ The Tell-Tale Heart -- Doris Lessing/ A Woman on a Roof --Setting -- James Joyce/ Araby -- Kate Chopin/ The Storm -- T. Coraghessan Boyle/ Greasy Lake -- Character -- James Thurber/ The Catbird Seat -- Katherine Anne Porter/ The Jilting of Granny Weatherall -- Willa Cather/ Paul's Case -- Isaac Bashevis Singer/ Gimpel the Fool -- Tone and Style -- Ernest Hemingway/ A Clean, Well-Lighted Place -- William Faulkner/ Barn Burning -- Alice Walker/ Everyday Use -- Irony -- Shirley Jackson/ The Lottery -- Flann O'Brien/ Two in One -- Theme -- Flannery O'Connor/ Revelation -- E.B. White/ The Door -- Stephen Crane/ The Open Boat -- Symbol -- John Steinbeck/ The Chrysanthemums -- Alice Munro/ Wild Swans --Evaluating a Story -- Reading a Novel -- Stories for Further Reading -- Leo Tolstoi/ The Death of Ivan Ilych -- Nathaniel Hawthorne/ The Birthmark -- Virginia Woolf/ A Haunted House -- Katherine Mansfield/ The Garden-Party -- Franz Kakfa/ A Hunger Artist -- D.H. Lawrence/ The Rocking-Horse Winner -- Edith Wharton/ Roman Fever -- Eudora Welty/ A Worn Path -- Walter Van Tilburg Clark/ The Portable Phonograph -- Isak Dinesen/ A Sailor Boy's Tale -- Nagai Tatsuo/ Brief Encounter -- Gabriel García Márquez/ The Night of the Curlews -- Tillie Olsen/ I Stand Here Ironing -- Philip Roth/ The Conversion of the Jews -- Joyce Carol Oates/ Where Are You Goin, Where Have You Been? -- Toni Cade Bambara/ My Man Bovanne -- Ursula K. Leguin/ The Wife's Story.
Criticism: On Fiction -- Edgar Allan Poe/ The tale and its effect -- Charlotte Brontë/ The writer's passive work -- Gustave Flaubert/ The labor of style -- Nathaniel Hawthorne/ America and the landscape of Romance -- Thomas Hardy/ "The whole secret of a living style" -- Henry James/ The mirror of a consciousness -- James Joyce/ Epiphanies -- Virginia Woolf/ "A luminous halo" -- Edith Wharton/ The short story and the novel -- William Faulkner/ "The human heart in conflict with itself" -- Frank O'Connor/ The greatest essential of a story -- Stanley Fish, An Eskimo "A Rose for Emily" -- Poetry -- Reading a Poem -- A.E. Housman/ Loveliest of trees, the cherry now -- Robert Hayden/ Those Winter Sundays -- Linda Pastan/ Ethics -- Robert Francis/ Catch -- Andrew Marvell/ To His Coy Mistress -- Listening to a Voice -- Tone -- Theodore Roethke/ My Papa's Waltz -- Countee Cullen/ For a Lady I Know -- Anne Bradstreet/ The Author to Her Book -- Walt Whitman/ To a Locomotive in Winter -- Emily Dickinson/ I like to see it lap the Miles -- John Milton/ On the Late Massacre in Piemont -- The Person in the Poem -- Trumbull Stickney/ Sir, say no more -- Randall Jarrell/ A Sick Child -- William Wordsworth/ I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud -- Edwin Arlington Robinson/ How Annandale Went Out -- Paul Zimmer/ The Day Zimmer Lost Religion -- Richard Hugo/ In Your Young Dream -- William Carlos Williams/ The Red Wheelbarrow -- Irony -- Robert Creeley/ Oh No -- W.H. Auden/ The Unknown Citizen -- John Betjeman/ In Westminster Abbey -- Sarah N. Cleghorn/ The Golf Links -- Thomas Hardy/ The Workbox -- For Review and Further Study -- Richard Lovelace/ To Lucasta -- Wilfred Owen/ Dulce et Decorum Est -- James Stephens/ A Glass of Beer -- Jonathan Swift/ On Stella's Birthday -- A.E. Housman/ Epitaph on an Army of Mercenaries -- Hugh MacDiarmid/ Another Epitaph on an Army of Mercenaries -- Bettie Sellers/ In the Counselor's Waiting Room -- William Blake/ The Chimney Sweeper -- Words -- Literal Meaning: What a Poem Says First -- William Carlos Williams/ This is Just to Say -- Knute Skinner/ The Cold Irish Earth -- Henry Taylor/ Riding a One-Eyed Horse -- Robert Graves/ Down, Wanton, Down! -- Peter Davison/ The Last Word -- David B. Axelrod/ Once in a While a Protest Poem -- Miller Williams/ On the Symbolic Consideration of Hands and the Significance of Death -- John Donne/ Batter my heart, three-personed God, for You.
The Value of a Dictionary -- Richard Wilbur/ In the Elegy Season -- Cid Corman/ The Tortoise -- J.V. Cunningham/ Friend, on this scaffold Thomas More lies dead -- Herman Melville/ The Portent -- John Dryden/ Lines printed Under the Engraved Portrait of Milton -- Laurence Perrine/ Janus -- John Clare/ Mouse's Nest -- Lewis Carroll/ Jabberwocky -- Wallace Stevens/ Metamorphosis -- Word choice and Word Order -- Josephine Miles/ Reason -- Hugh MacDiarmid/ Wheesht, Wheesht -- Thomas Hardy/ The Ruined Maid -- E.E. Cummings/ anyone lived in a pretty how town -- James Emanuel/ The Negro -- Richard Eberhart/ The Fury of Aerial Bombardment -- Anonymous/ Carnation Milk -- A.R. Ammons/ Spring Coming -- William Wordsworth/ My heart leaps up when I behold -- William Wordsworth/ Mutability -- John Malcolm Brinnin/ The Ascension: 1925 -- Anonymous/ Scottsboro -- Saying and Suggesting -- John Masefield/ Cargoes -- William Blake/ London -- Wallace Stevens/ Disillusionment of Ten O'Clock -- Samuel Johnson/ A Short song of Congratulation -- Timothy Steele/ Epitaph -- Richard Snyder/ A Mongoloid Child Handling Shells on the Beach -- Geoffrey Hill/ Merlin -- Wallace Stevens/ The Emperor of Ice-Cream -- Walter de la Mare/ The Listeners -- Robert Frost/ Fire and Ice -- Imagery -- Ezra Pound/ In a Station of the Metro -- Taniguchi Buson/ The piercing chill I feel -- Theodore Roethke/ Root Cellar -- Elizabeth Bishop/ The Fish -- Jean Tommer/ Reapers -- Gerard Manley Hopkins/ Pied Beauty -- About Haiku -- Richard Brautigan/ Haiku Ambulance -- Paul Goodman, Gary Snyder, Virgil Hutton, Raymond Roseliep, Nicholas Virgilio, Richard Wright, Kenneth Rexroth/ A selection of haiku -- For Review and Further Study -- John Keats/ Bright star! would I were steadfast as thou art -- Carl Sandburg/ Fog -- Walt Whitman/ The Runner -- T.E. Hulme/ Image -- William Carlos Williams/ The Great Figure -- Robert Bly/ Driving to Town Late to Mail a Letter -- Gary Snyder/ Mid-August at Sourdough Mountain Lookout -- H.D./ Heat -- James Preston/ Sunfish Races -- Mary Oliver/ Rain in Ohio -- Figures of Speech -- Why Speak Figuratively? -- Alfred, Lord Tennyson/ The Eagle -- William Shakespeare/ Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? -- Howard Moss/ Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day? -- Metaphor and Simile -- Richard Wilbur/ A Simile for Her Smile -- Alfred, Lord Tennyson/ Flower in the Crannied Wall -- William Blake/ to see a world in a grain of sand -- Sylvia Plath/ Metaphors -- Jane Kenyon/ The Suitor -- Emily Dickinson/ It dropped so low -- in my Regard -- Ruth Whitman/ Castoff Skin -- Denise Levertov/ Leaving Forever -- Peter Williams/ When she was here, Li Bo, she was like cold summer lager -- Other figures -- James Stephens/ The Wind -- Chidiock Tichborne/ Elegy, Written with his Own Hand in the Tower Before His Execution -- George Herbert/ The Pulley -- Edmund Waller/ On a Girdle -- Theodore Roethke/ I Knew a Woman.
For Review and Further Study -- Robert Frost/ The Silken Tent -- James C. Kilgore/ The White Man Pressed the Locks -- Ogden Nash/ Very Like a Whale -- Richard Wilbur/ Sleepless at Crown Point -- Anonymous/ The fortunes of war, I tell you plain -- Robert Frost/ The Secret Sits -- Margatet Atwood/ You fit into me -- John Tagliabue/ Maine vastly covered with much snow -- John Ashbery/ The Cathedral Is -- Etheridge Knight/ For black Poets Who think of Suicide -- W.S. Merwin/ Son of Man Chipping an Arrowhead -- Robert Burns/ Oh, my love is like a red, red rose -- Gibbons Ruark/ The rose growing into the house songs -- Singing and Saying -- Ben Jonson/ To Celia -- Anonymous/ The Cruel Mother -- Edwin Arlington Robinson/ Richard Cory -- Paul Simon/ Richard Cory -- Ballads -- Anonymous/ Bonny Barbara Allan -- John Lennon and Paul McCartney/ Eleanor Rigby -- For Review and Further Study -- Adrienne Rich/ Song -- Anonymous/ Fa, mi, fa, re, la, mi -- Anonymous/ The silver swan, who living had no note -- Willie Nelson/ Heaven and Hell -- Bruce Springsteen/ Born to Run -- Sound -- sound as Meaning -- Alexander Pope/ True Ease in Writing comes from Art, not Chance -- William Butler Yeats/ Who goes with Fergus? -- John Updike/ Winter Ocean -- Frances Cornford/ The Watch -- William Wordsworth/ A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal -- Emanuel di Pasquale/ Rain -- Alliteration and Assonance -- A.E. Housman/ Eight O'Clock -- Robert Herrick/ Upon Julia's Voice -- Janet Lewis/ Girl Help -- Alfred, Lord Tennyson/ The splendor falls on castle walls -- Rime -- Anonymous/ Julius Caesar -- William Blake/ The Angel that presided o'er my birth -- Hilaire Belloc/ The Hippopotamus -- Brad Leithauser/ Trauma -- James Hayford/ Mason's Trick -- Robert Frost/ Desert Places -- William Butler Yeats/ Leda and the Swan -- Gerard Manley Hopkins/ God's Grandeur -- Emily Dickinson/ the soul selects her own Society -- Reading and Hearing Poems Aloud -- James Wright/ Saying Dante Aloud -- Michael Stillman/ In Memoriam John Coltrane -- William Shakespeare/ Full fathom five thy father lies -- A.E. Housman/ With rue my heart is laden -- T.S. ELiot/ Virginia -- Galway Kinnell/ Blackberry Eating -- Rhythm -- Stresses and Pauses -- Gwendolyn Brooks/ We Real Cool -- Robert Frost/ Never Again Would Birds' Song Be the Same -- Ben Jonson/ Slow, slow, fresh fount, keep time with my salt tears -- Alexander Pope/ Atticus -- Sir Thomas Wyatt/ With serving still -- Dorothy Parker/ Résumé -- Meter -- Max Beerbohm/ On the imprint of the first English edition of The works of Max Beerbohm -- Thomas Campion/ Rose-cheeked Laura, come -- Walter Savage Landor/ On Seeing a Hair of Lucretia Borgia -- Edna St. Vincent Millay/ Counting-out Rhyme -- A.E. Housman/ When I was one-and-twenty -- William Carlos Williams/ The Descent of Winter (section 10/30) -- Walt Whitman/ Beat! Beat! Drums!
Closed Form, Open Form -- Closed Form: Blank verse, Stanza, Sonnet -- John Keats/ This living hand, now warm and capable -- John Donne/ Song ("Go and catch a falling star") -- Roy Campbell/ On Some South African Novelists -- Ronald Gross/ Yield -- Rosemarie Waldrop/ The Relaxed Abalone -- Michael Drayton/ Since there's no help, come let us kiss and part -- Elizabeth Barrett Browning/ Grief -- Archibald MacLeish/ The End of the World -- Alexander Pope, Martial, Sir John Harrington, William Blake, E.E. Cummings, J.V. Cunningham, John Frederick Nims, Robert Crawford, Paul Ramsey, Bruce Bennett, / A selection of epigrams -- Mark Twain/ A Limerick -- W.H. Auden, Edmund Clerihew Bentley, Cornelius J. Ter Maat, A selection of clerihews -- Dylan Thomas/ Do not go gentle into that good night -- Open Form -- Denise Levertov/ Six Variations (part iii) -- E.E. Cummings/ Buffalo Bill's -- Emily Dickinson/ Victory comes late -- Robert Herrick/ Upon a Child That Died -- Saint Geraud/ Poem ("The only response") -- William Carlos Williams/ The Dance -- Stephen Crane/ The Heart -- Walt Whitman/ Cavalry Crossing a Ford -- Wallace Stevens/ Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird -- Gary Gildner/ First Practice -- Leonard Cohen/ All There Is to Know about Adolph Eichmann -- Bruce Guernsey/ Louis B. Russell -- Christopher Bursk/ First Aid at 4 A.M. -- For Review and Further Study -- Leigh Hunt/ Rondeau -- Stevie Smith/ I Remember -- Keith Waldrop/ Proposition II -- Elizabeth Bishop/ Sestina -- Geoffrey Chaucer/ Your ÿen two wol slee me sodenly -- E.E. Cummings/ in Just- -- Linda Pastan/ Jump Cabling -- Donald Finkel/ Gesture -- Charles Olson/ La Chute -- Poems for the Eye -- George Herbert/ Easter Wings -- John Hollander/ Swan and Shadow -- William Blake/ A Poison Tree -- Wang Wei/ Bird-Singing Stream -- Edwin Morgan/ Siesta of a Hungarian Snake -- Richard Kostelanetz/ Disintegration -- Dorthi Charles/ Concrete Cat -- Symbol -- T.S. Eliot/ The Boston Evening Transcript -- Emily Dickinson/ The Lightning is a yellow Fork -- Thomas Hardy/ Neutral Tones -- Matthew 13:24-30/ The Parable of the Good Seed -- George Herbert/ Redemption -- Sir Philip Sidney/ You that with allegory's curious frame -- Emily Dickinson/ I heard a Fly buzz -- when I died -- Gjertrud Schnackenberg/ Signs -- Louis Simpson/ The Boader -- Christina Rossetti/ Uphill -- Philip Dow/ Drunk Last Night with Friends, I Go to Work Anyway -- William Carlos Williams/ Poem ("As the cat") -- Theodore Roethke/ Night Crow -- John Donne/ A Burnt Ship -- Wallace Stevens/ Anecdote of the Jar -- Myth -- D.H. Lawrence/ Bavarian Gentians -- Thomas Hardy/ The Oxen -- William Wordsworth/ The World Is Too Much with Us -- William Butler Yeats/ The Second Coming -- John Milton/ Lycidas.
Alternatives -- The Poet's Revisions -- William Butler Yeats/ The Old Pensioner -- William Butler Yeats/ the Lamentation of the Old Pensioner -- Walt Whitman/ A Noiseless Patient Spider -- Walt Whitman/ The Soul, reaching, throwing out for love -- Translations -- Federico García Lorca/ La guitarra (Guitar) -- Horace/ Odes I (38) -- William Cowper, Hartley Coleridge, Eugene Field, / Translations for Horace -- Charles Baudelaire/ Recueillement (Meditation) -- Lord Alfred Douglas, Robert Bly, Robert Lowell, Richard Howard, / Translatons for Baudelaire -- Parody -- T.E. Brown/ My Garden -- J.A. Lindon/ My Garden -- Hugh Kingsmill/ What, still alive at twenty-two? -- Kenneth Koch/ Mending Sump -- George Starbuck/ Margaret Are You Drug -- Evaluating a Poem -- Telling Good from Bad -- Anonymous/ O Moon, when I gaze on thy beautiful face -- Grace Treasone/ Life -- M. Krishnamurti/ the Spirit's Odyssey -- Stephen Tropp/ My Wife Is My Shirt -- Emily Dickinson/ A Dying Tiger-moaned for Drink -- Robert Burns/ John Anderson my jo, John -- Rod McKuen/ Thoughts on Capital Punishment -- Wiliam Stafford/ Traveling Through the Dark -- Hart Crane/ My Grandmother's Love Letters -- Eliza Cook/ The Old Arm-Chair -- D.H. Lawrence/ Piano -- Alfred, Lord Tennyson/ Tears, Idle Tears -- Knowing Excellence William Butler Yeats/ Sailing to Byzantium -- Arthur Guiterman/ On the Vanity of Earthly Greatness -- Percy Bysshe Shelley/ Ozymandias -- William Shakespeare/ My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun -- Thomas Campion/ There is a garden in her face -- Walt Whitman/ O Captain! My Captain! -- Thomas Gray/ Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard -- David Bottoms/ Smoking in an Open Grave -- Maria Lowell/ An Opium Fantasy -- What is Poetry? -- Archibald MacLeish/ Ars Poetica.
Poems for Further Reading -- Anonymous/ Edward -- Sir Patrick Spence -- the Three Ravens -- The Twa Corbies -- Sumer is icumen in -- I sing of a maiden -- Western Wind -- Matthew Arnold/ Dover Beach -- John ashbery/ City Afternoon -- W.H. Auden/ As I Walked Out One Evening -- Musée des Beaux Arts -- R.L. Barth/ The Insert -- Eilzabeth Bishop/ Filling Station -- William Blake/ The Sick Rose -- The Tyger -- Louise Bogan/ The Dream -- Mark Alexander Boyd/ Cupid and Venus -- Emily Brontë/ Love and Friendship -- Gwendolyn Brooks/ The Rites for Cousin Vit -- Sadie and Maud -- Olga Broumas/ Cinderella -- Elizabeth Barrett Browning/ How do I love thee? Let me count the ways -- Robert Browning/ My Last Duchess -- Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister -- Thomas Carew/ Ask me no more where Jove bestows -- Fred Chappell/ Skin Flick -- G.K. Chesterton/ The Donkey -- Amy Clampitt/ The Cormorant in His Element -- Lucille Clifton/ to the unborn and waiting children -- Samuel Taylor Coleridge/ Kubla Khan -- William Cowper/ Praise for the Fountain Opened -- Emily Dickinson/ Because I could not stop for Death -- I started Early -- Took my Dog -- My Life has stood -- a Loaded Gun -- John Donne/ The Bait -- Death be not proud -- The Flea -- A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning -- John Dryden/ To the Memory of Mr. Oldham -- Norman Dubie/ The Funeral -- Alan Dugan/ Love Song: I and Thou -- T.S. Eliot/ Journey of the Magi -- the Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock -- Robert Frost/ Stopping by woods on a Snowy Evening -- The Wood-Pile -- Tess Gallagher/ Under Stars -- Allen Ginsberg/ A Supermarket in California -- Dana Gioia/ California Hills in August -- Donald Hall/ Names of Horses -- Thomas Hardy/ The Convergence of the Twain -- Five satires of Circumstance -- Seamus Heaney/ Sunlight -- Anthony Hecht/ The Vow -- George Herbert/ Love -- Robert Herrick/ Delight in Disorder -- To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time -- Michael Hogan/ Spring -- Garrett Kaoru Hongo/ The Hongo Store /29 Miles Volcano / Hilo, Hawaii -- Gerard Manley Hopkins/ Spring and Fall -- Thou art indeed just, Lord, if I contend -- The Windhover -- A.E. Housman/ Terence, this is stupid stuff -- To an Athlete Dying Young -- Langston Hughes/ Dream Deferred -- Subway Rush Hour -- David Ignatow/ Get the Gasworks -- Randall Jarrell/ The Death of the BallTurret Gunner -- Well Water -- Ben Jonson/ On my First Son -- Donald Justice/ On the Death of Friends in Childhood -- John Keats/ Ode on Melancholy -- To Autumn -- Galway Kinnell/ Saint Francis and the Sow -- Carolyn Kizer/ The Intruder -- Ted Kooser/ Flying at Night -- Philip Larkin/ Home is so Sad -- A Study of Reading Habits -- D.H. Lawrence/ A Youth Mowing -- Irving Layton/ The Bull Calf -- Denise Levertov/ The Ache of Marriage -- Philip Levine/ To a Child Trapped in a Barber Shop -- Robert Lowell/ Skunk Hour -- Christopher Marlowe/ The Passionate Shepherd to His Love -- George Meredith/ Lucifer in Starlight -- James Merrill/ Laboratory Poem -- Charlotte Mew/ Fame -- John Milton/ When I consider how my light is spent -- N. Scott Momaday/ The Delight song of Tsoai-talee -- Marianne Moore/ The Mind is an Enchanting Thing -- Howard Nemerov/ Storm Windows -- Joh Frederick Nims/ Love Poem -- Sharon Olds/ The One Girl at the Boys Party -- Wilfred Owen/ Anthem for Doomed Youth -- Robert Phillips/ Running on Empty -- Sylvia Plath/ Daddy -- Morning Song -- Ezra Pound/ The River-Merchant's Wife: a Letter -- Sir Walter Raleigh/ The Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd -- Dudley Randall/ Ballad of Birmingham -- John Crowe Ransom/ Bells for John Whiteside's Daughter -- Henry Reed/ Naming of Parts -- Adrienne Rich/ Aunt Jennifer's Tigers -- Diving into the Wreck -- Theodore Roethke/ Elegy for Jane -- The Waking -- Paul Ruffin/ Hotel Fire: New Orleans -- Winfield Townley Scott/ Mrs. Severin -- Anne Sexton/ To a Friend Whose Work Has Come to Triumph -- William Shakespeare/ That time of year thou mayst in me behold == When, in disgrace with Fortune and men's eyes -- When daisies pied and violets blue -- When icicles hang by the wall -- Karl Shapiro/ The Dirty Word -- Stephen Shu-ning Liu/ My Father's Martial Art -- Charles Simic/ Butcher Shop -- Christopher Smart/ For I will consider my Cat Jeoffry -- William Jay Smith/ American Primitive -- W.D. Snodgrass/ The Operation -- Gary Soto/ Black Hair -- William Stafford/ At the Klamath Berry Festival -- Timothy Steele/ Timothy -- Wallace Stevens/ Peter Quince at the Clavier -- May Swenson/ Question -- Jonathan Swift/ A Description of the Morning -- Alfred, Lord Tennyson/ Dark house, by which once more I stand -- Ulysses -- Dylan Thomas/ Fern Hill -- John Updike/ Ex-Basketball Player -- Henry Vaughan/ The Retreat -- David Wagoner/ Staying Alive -- Edmund Waller/ Go, Lovely Rose -- Walt Whitman/ I Saw in Louisiana a Live-Oak Growing -- Richard Wilbur/ Museum Piece -- William Carlos Williams/ Spring and All -- To Waken an Old Lady -- Yvor Winters/ At the San Francisco Airport -- William Wordsworth/ Composed upon Westminster Bridge -- James Wright/ A Blessing -- Autumn Begins in Martins Ferry, Ohio -- Sir Thomas Wyatt/ They flee from me that sometime did me sekë -- William Butler Yeats/ Crazy Jane Talks with the Bishop -- For Anne Gregory -- The Lake Isle of Innisfree -- To a Friend Whose Work Has come to Nothing -- The Magi.
Lives of the Poets -- John Ashbery -- W.H. Auden -- Elizabeth Bishop -- William Blake -- Robert Bly -- Gwendolyn Brooks -- Elizabeth Barrett Browning -- Robert Browning -- Robert Burns --Thomas Campion -- William Cowper -- E.E. Cummings -- J.V. Cunningham -- Emily Dickinson -- John Donne -- John Dryden -- T.S. Eliot -- Robert Frost -- Thomas Gray -- Thomas Hardy -- George Herbert -- Robert Herick -- Gerard Manley Hopkins -- A.E. Housman -- Langston Hughes -- Randall Jarrell -- Ben Jonson -- John Keats -- Galway Kinnell -- Philip Larkin -- D.H. Lawrence -- Denise Levertov -- Robert Lowell -- Hugh MacDiarmid -- Jhn Milton -- John Frederick Nims -- Wilfred Owen -- Linda Pastan -- Sylvia Plath -- Alexander Pope -- Ezra Pound -- Adrienne Rich -- Edwin Arlington Robinson -- Theodore Roethke -- William Shakespeare -- William Stafford -- Timothy Steele -- James Stephens -- Wallace Stevens -- Jonathan Swift -- Alfred, Lord Tennyson -- Dylan Thomas -- John Updike -- Keith Waldrop -- Walt Whitman -- Richard Wilbur -- william Carlos Williams -- William Wordsworth -- James Wright -- Sir Thomas Wyatt -- William Butler Yeats.
Criticism: On Poetry -- Plato/ Inspiration -- Socrates banishes poets from his ideal state -- Aristotle/ Two causes of poetry -- Sir Philip Sidney/ Nature and the poet -- Samuel Johnson/ The business of a poet -- William Wordsworth/ Emotion recollected in tranquillity -- Samuel Taylor Coleridge/ Imagination -- Percy Bysshe Shelley/ Unacknowledged legislators -- Ralph Waldo Emerson/ Meter-making argument -- Edgar Allan Poe/ A long poem does not exist -- Robert Frost/ The sound of sense -- Wallace Stevens/ Proverbs -- William Carlos Williams/ The rhythm persists -- The crab and the box -- Ezra Pound/ Poetry and music -- T.S. Eliot/ Emotion and personality -- Yvor Winters/ The fallacy of expressive form -- Randall Jarrell/ On the charge that modern poetry is obscure -- Sylvia Plath/ The magic mountains -- Barbara Herrnstein Smith/ Closure and anti-closure.
Drama -- Reading a Play -- A Play in its Elements -- Susan Glaspell/ Trifles -- Tragedy -- The Theater of Sophocles -- Sophocles/ Oedipus Rex -- The Theater of Shakespeare -- William Shakespeare/ The Tragedy of Othello, Moor of Venice -- Comedy -- William Shakespeare/ The Tempest -- Woody Allen/ Death Knocks -- The Theater of Molière -- Molière/ The Physician in Spite of Himself -- The Modern Theater -- Relaism and Nonrealism -- Henrik Ibsent/ A Doll House -- William Butler Yeats/ Purgatory -- Tragicomedy and the Absurd -- Edward Albee/ The Zoo Story -- Evaluating a Play -- Plays for Further Reading -- Sophocles/ Antigonê -- Tennessee Williams/ The Glass Menagerie -- Arthur Miller/ Death of a Salesman -- Criticism: On Drama -- Aristotle/ Tragedy -- Sigmund Freud/ The destiny of Oedipus -- E.R. Doods/ Sophocles and divine justice -- Charles Paul Segal/ Antigone's womanly nature -- Thomas Rymer/ The faults of Othello -- Samuel Johnson/ "Shakespeare has no heroes" -- Sylvan Barnet/ Te Tempest: Old conventions, new meanings -- Bernard Shaw/ Ibsen and the familiar situation -- Edward Albee/ The Theater of the Absurd -- Tennessee Williams/ How to Stage The Glass Menagerie -- Arthur Miller/ Tragedy and the Common Man -- Supplement: Writing -- Writing about Literature -- Some approaches to literature -- Beginning -- Discovering and planning -- Drafting and revising -- The Form of your finished paper -- Documenting your sources -- Keeping a journal -- Robert Wallace/ The Girl Writing Her English Paper -- Writing about a Story -- Explicating -- analyzing -- Comparing and contrasting -- Suggestions for writing -- Writing a Story -- Finding a story -- The Process of storytelling -- Suggestions for writing -- Writing about a Poem -- Explicating -- Robert Frost/ Design -- Analyzing -- Comparing and contrasting -- Abbie Huston Evans/ Wing-Spread -- How to quote a poem -- Before you begin -- Suggestions for writing -- Writing a Poem -- How does a poem begin? -- On blotting out lines -- Reaching an audience -- Suggestions for writing -- Writing about a play -- Methods -- Writing a card report -- Reviewing a play -- Suggestions for writing -- Writing a Play -- Suggestions for writing.
Standard No:ISBN: 0316488801; 9780316488808 LCCN: 86-21036
Descriptor:Literature -- Collections.
Note(s):Includes indexes.
Class Descriptors:LC: PN6014; Dewey: 808
Responsibility:[compiled by] X.J. Kennedy.
Vendor Info:Baker and Taylor YBP Library Services (BTCP YANK)
Document Type:Book
Accession No:OCLC: 14187563
Author Kennedy, X. J.
Subjects Literature -- Collections.
Published Date 1987
Physical Description xlii, 1447 pages ; 23 cm
Collection Snyder, Richard L. Collection
Accession number 2016-03