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Collection Harris, Bill M. Ohio Senate papers
Title Newsclipping index
Accession number 10-20
Catalog Number 10-20News062003
Date June 2003
Exhibit# 0
Object Name Newsclippings
Scope & Content 2003

June 20
Sales-tax increase in store for Ohio/ compromise budget plan adds a penny per dollar, charges for more services. Final bill now up for vote.

June 18
Funds for older tutors at risk/ Taft maintains program duplicates his OhioReads project.

June 17
Taft, lawmakers differ on funding for seniors reading program.

June 16
Persepctive: pressure on to have budget done by June 20.

June 12
Deficit rising faster than laws can be written/ Ohio budget shortfall up to $1.2 B.

June 11
When business/ doesn't pay, Ohioans do.
Video slots at tracks/ gambling, budget now before lawmakers.

June 10
Another bump in budget road jars plan for Ohio finances/ revenues are $1 billion short of projections.
State's deficit keeps growing.

June 9
State legislators add budget-making to the 'all-is-fair-in' adage.
Paying for the past.

June 8
State budget awaits conferees' cuts.
Better budget from the senate.
Ohio's big businesses beating tax system/ budget bill does little to close loopholes and ease burden on workers, some critics say.

June 6
Ohio's budget passes senate/ $49.3 billion plan relies on sales tax hike.
Ohio senate passes $49.3 billion budget/ revenue projections may change plan.
Senate budget foes say middle-class, poor face more tax burden than rich.
Spending plan OK'd by Ohio senators.
Sales tax increase in new bill/ Ohio senate passes budget; $1.3 billion yearly would come from penny hike.
2-year budget/ house, senate ready to start negotiating.

June 4
A new blow to state budget/ panel OKs 2-year plan, but $200 million shortfall looms before month's end.
Budget clears senate hurdle/ democrats agree to vote to raise Ohio sales tax in exhcange for funding pet projects across state.

June 3
Put the brakes on the breaks.

June 2
Nurses seek budget cures/ senate GOP may ignore most pleas for money.
Taft wants tax breaks for NetJets/ proposal would eliminate millions in revenue.

June 1
School advocates rip senate budget/ business tax breaks would reduce funds for K-12 education, they say.
'This has got my attention' / state senate weighs cost of propsed tax breaks.
Schools say they'd be hurt by tax changes to help industry.