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Collection Harris, Bill M. Ohio Senate papers
Title Newsclipping index
Accession number 10-20
Catalog Number 10-20News062009
Date June 2009
Object Name Newsclippings
Scope & Content 2009

June 30
Lawmakers to miss deadline on state budget.
Slots opponents backed 'video racing terminals'/ Strickland accuses GOP lawmakers of hypocrisy in gambling impasse.
State budget on 7-day delay/Strickland's plan for slots hits snag in senate.
Stuck in their slots.
Ohio lawmakers ready to pass temporary budget.
State budget at stalemate over slots/governor needs to stop bluffing, make decision.
Ohio governor criticizes GOP response to slots.
Governor, Harris at odds on gambling.
Ohio set to OK temporary budget/ move would buy time to address dispute over slots machines.
Ohio buys more time/ lawmakers agree to a 7-day interim budget while they try to end impasse over gambling.
Statehouse standff/Strickland, GOP force interim budget by continuing to battle over slots vote.
Ohio lawmakers agree to pass interim budget.
Senate passes 7-day budget during stalemate over slots/ Strickland, Harris still disagree on gambling.

June 29
Clock ticks as Ohio lawmakers face budget deadline.
Budget battle continues as deadline nears.
Left in denial about Strickland.
Interim Ohio budget in the works.
Hypocrisy alert: Bill Harris and Ohio republicans already voted for gambling without a vote of the poeple.
Libraries lobby to avoid funding cuts.
Lawmakers agree on interim budget.
Fact check: Bill Harris voted for video gambling at racetracks in 2007.
Letter: gutting library budget a rotten way to save money.
Governor Strickland & senate president Harris are both right & both wrong.
Legislators postpone negotiations on budget/ measure remains $3.2 billion in red.
Slots fight could make budget late/ Strickland, Senate GOP each call for other to act.

State plan stalls out/ Sunday's Ohio budget meeting is postponed; temporary budget plan now likely.
Much talk, little action on budget/ wrangling ongoing; slots issue still divisive.
State budget deal still at impasse.

June 28
VLT's still a stumbling block in Ohio's budget debate.
Senate rejects plan for slot machines.
Lawmakers optimistic about settling budget differences.
Strickland: Senate rejected slots plan/ he calls on lawmakers to fill budget gap.
Budet talks stalled by slots/ Strickland to GOP: vote on gambling or pitch your fix.
Apportionment board control is at root of budget battle.
State budget battle becomes political showdown.
State budget talks stalled over governor's plan for slots.

June 27
Weekend of wheeling and dealing in Columbus.
Lawmakers work to meet deadline.
Taking a chance/ governor rolls the dice on finding new revenue.
Add food banks to list of agencies protesting cuts in Ohio's budget/ state provides groups with about $17 million for food in past 2 years.

June 26
Ohio lawmakers scramble to meet budget deadline.
House-senate budget panel to meet Sunday.
Persistent debate holds up budget vote/ Ohio's budget crisis.
Lawmakers meet Saturday to work out state budget.
Budget plans far apart as deadline nears/ Ohio lawmakers wrestling with school funding bevy cuts.
Strickland keeping hope alive on budget/ Governor wants budget to include legislative authority for slot machines.
Ohio nursing homes object to budget cuts.
Business groups back Strickland gambling plan.
Husted holding his grudge too long.

June 25
Ohio governor supports introduction of animal care amendment.
State budget at crunch time.
Slots? let governor take hear, GOP says/ democrats insist there must be a vote by legislators to avoid pitfalls; many observers predict that a temporary budget is likely outcome.
Advocates blast proposed state budget.
No slot machines in the budget, senate president Bill Harris says; tells Gov. Ted Strickland to authorize slots himself.

June 24
Some democrats think tax hikes are answer.
Tax-hike idea raised for budget talks/ several lawmakers suggest rollback of cut.
Group of Ohio democrats calls for tax hike.
Harris to Strickland-go it alone, we not's care.
Cuts could close 4 area libraries.

June 23
Group of Ohio democrats calls for tax hike.
Raising taxes is not leadership.
Strickland plan could mean 12,200 slots/ casino backers vow to put issue on ballot.
Ohio could see 15,250 slots under Strickland proposal/ state would collect 48% of the revenue.
Don't make it worse/efforts to dodge tough decisions on Ohio budget will compound problems.

June 22
Save Ohio Libraries.
Ohio senate mourns loss of Shuler.
Lawmakers inundated with budget pleas/ stiff battle for state funds sends special-interest lobbying into overdrive.

June 21
State sen. Robert Schuler dies at 66.
State sen. Robert Schuler dies at 66/ lawmaker representing Warren County in Columbus had a long battle with cancer.
Cancer claims senator from Cincinnati area.

June 20
Strickland seeks slots at 7 Ohio racetracks/ governor reverses stance on gambling and adds new cuts to erase $3.2 B deficit.
Governor OKs slots to avoid big cuts/ Strickland says putting video machines at racetracks would help ease state's budget shortfall.
Governor propses slots/ state leaders, gambling opponents race to gauge the public's opinion on plan that would put video terminals at Ohio's horse tracks, including Summit County, to help bridge budget gap.
Statement from Senate president Bill Harris on Strickland's budget proposal.
Ohio state senator dies.
Strickland calls for a sea change on slots/ governor ready to bypass the ballot to expand gambling and help state patch $3.2 billion hole.
State Sen. Schuler dies after cancer fight.
His budget options drying up, slots.
Belmont land deal back on table/ Oakwood, other local districts meet Husted.
Governor supports slots at tracks/ Strickland alters longtime position./ Stickland: now supports slots at race tracks.

June 18
Prison reform proposal advances/ measure allows early release dates.
Slots' backers try once again/ plan good for horse racing, state budget, legislators say.
Final OK unlikely for sentencing overhaul/ propsal splits, Senate panel; DNA bill gets unanimous passage.

June 17
House budget chair: budget fight tough.
Common please bailiff honored by state senate.
Walk through Ohio government at statehouse museum.
Governor suggests $2 billion in cuts/ targets would include Medicaid, Passport.
Strickland and legislative leaders in both bartpies insist that they will not raise taxes.
Governor suggests $2 billion in cuts/ targets would include Medicaid, Passport.

June 16
No easy ways left to find $3.2 billion/ cuts hurt needy; taxes unpopular; gambling opposed.

June 15
UT may reassess budget.
Funds cut, so groups fume/ senate axes remnant for '98 settlement for anti-tobacco work.
Statehouse plays it safe, avoids, making tough choiches.
Stand-up response/ republican leaders speak out againist sneak attacks on democratic lawmakers.

June 14
State budget math should be simple, but it really isn't
'Ruling' the land of never say no.
It's hard budgeting in lean times for Ohio, the land of never-say-no.

June 13
Sentencing-overhaul battle brewing in senate.
Early-prision-release legislation no sure thing.

June 12
Statement by senate president Bill Harris regarding revised revenue estimates.
In Columbus what to do about Ohio's big budget shortfall.
Statehouse leaders look for cuts.
A project of working America.
Cuts, not taxes, may fix shortfall.

June 11
letter-writing campaign urged in state septic battle.
More bad news for Ohio's budget.
State budget might have $3 billion hole in it/ shortfall to be detailed Thursday; cuts by senate upset black legislators.
Budget may have $3billion hole in it/ shortfall to be detailed today; cuts by senate upset black legislators.Projected revenue shortfalls mean big cuts looming for state budget.

June 8
Committee will try to reconcile Ohio house, senate budget plan.
hershey: school chief questions reform plan.
Billak to be honored at conference

June 7
School chief questions reform plan.
Legislators square off on budget/ here's how the battle of Ohio could affect you.

June 5
Raise taxes, say advocates for the poor,
Rally calls for lawmakers to raise taxes to help need/ poor can't endure more cuts, advocates say.
Dave Yost on NCR and Ohio business climate.
Olengtangy schools district fights losing millions.
Equality bill may have tougher time in house.
Whose idea is best for schools? Neither party's plan gives them much new money.

June 4
Senate republicans pass $53.6 billion Ohio budget, slashing $1 billion in state spending.
Ohioans can still be fired based on sexual orientation.
Ohio's children's hospitals release new results of collaboration aimed at saving children's lives.
Senate sees oil as budget remedy/ its proposed version of a spending plan would allow drilling in Ohio's parks.
State reworks budget proposal/ House democrats expected to reject 'unwise' changes.
Republicans in senate slash state spending.

June 3
Parks might run on oil/ ohio senate proposal would allow drilling to offset maintenance costs.
Schools to lose money to charters/ Critic senate's budget-plan hike is a 'phantom funding'
GOP has hosptials, drilling in budget/ passage expected as amended bill moves to senate.
Ohio Senate passes state budget.
Senate republicans pass $53.6 billion Ohio budget, slashing $1 billion in state spending.

June 2
Ohio senate republicans amend budget bill with hospitals bailout and amendment to allow drilling at state parks
GM closing Mansfield plant local facility one of 15 affected in company's restructing plan.

June 1
Tough calls could make budget late.