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Collection Harris, Bill M. Ohio Senate papers
Title Newsclipping index
Accession number 10-20
Catalog Number 10-20News072009
Date July 2009
Exhibit# 0
Object Name Newsclippings
Scope & Content 2009

July 31
Watch: GM VP Tim Lee meets local officials about plant.
Ohio senate president reprimands 18-county watershed district over pay raises for personnel.
Area briefs: politicans, GM official coming to Ontario today.

July 30
Capital notes/ Strickland still expects third frontier renewal.
Distance learning program will benefit Ohio.
Bill would ban bias against gays, transgender people.

July 29
Jordan announces plans for Ohio Senate run.

July 27
Ohio Senate prez Harris speaks to local republicans.
Senate leader isn't betting on slots plan.
Senate president discusses new $50.5 billion state budget.

July 26
Straight budget talk from state politicans/ Ohio's 'big three' political leaders reveal regrets, triumphs and more.
Ohio tracks get off easy on slot fees, some say/ some other states have set high license costs, tax rates, analysis shows/ gambling comparison.
Ohio's 'big 3' discuss budget, gambling.

July 25
Governor should hold his horses.
Slots to help fund schools/ boost will be bigger once economy heals, Ohio's governor says.
Local news briefs: Sen. Harris to speak to area GOP members Richland County.

July 24
Strickland defends education plan as progressive breakthrough.
Harris explains budget process.

July 23
Ohio senate president will speak Monday.

July 19
Bomb is ticking/ by dodging tough choices now, Ohio's leaders have ensured greater pain later.

July 18
Kirk Schuring: Why I voted no on state budget.

July 16
Strickland defends budget/ governor criticizes GOP during Loveland visit.

July 15
Budget crisis averted, but danger's ahead.
Officials plan to limit gambling's sway/ ONN dispatch affairs reporter Catherine Candisky talks to ONN-TV about the new state budget and what it means for schools.
Oelslager breaks ranks with Republicans.
Ohio slot machine critics say budget gamble a bad bet.

July 14
Dennis Willard: GOP silence on budget says plenty.
Ohio's lawmakers OK a $51 billion budget.
Ohio lawmakers plan to limit gambling's sway.
Oelslager breaks ranks with republicans.

July 13
Republican senators stand firm against wasteful proposal/ COAST stopped NURFC dead in its tracks in seeking an additional $3.1 million state of Ohio operating subsidy.

July 12
The Ohio senate republicans caucus is full of ...
A bad deal for Ohio.

July 11
Budget deal done, but spending cuts a secret.
Nothing to celebrate/ governor, state lawmakers put political ambition ahead of Ohio's welfare.
Deal OKs slots for racetracks/ Ohio budget logjam over.
Ohio's budget showdown ends with a deal on slots/ libraries, other services spared most severe cuts.
Impasse ends, slots to begin/ gambling won't save programs from $2.4 billion in cuts.
Accord ends standoff over Ohio budget/ service cuts softened; slots move forward.
GOP holds the budget captive.
Slots win by a nose in Ohio/ state lawmakers, governor reach a compromoise on terminals at racetracks.
Accord ends 10-day standoff over Ohio budget.

July 10
Governor, legislators agree on budget terms.
Ohio governor to authorize racetrack slots.
Leaders near a deal on slots/ compromise calls for machines at 7 racetracks, without a vote.
Democrats in denial about Strickland; Leland edition.
Don't bet budget on slot machine.

July 9
Gamblining interests swarm in Ohio statehouse.
Still stuck in their slots/ republicans have exposed weaknesses in the governor's position, and he, in turn, has identified shortcomings in their plan.
Strickland proposes borrowing from PERS, state employees call for public outcry.
Debate continues over slot machines.
Gambling in Ohio: a primer/ the state budget logjam.
State budget standoff hitting children and school districts/ child-care funds and adoptions halted.

July 8
GOP: put slots plan on fall ballot/ proposal won't solve budget crisis, governonr says.
Senate president: sell slots licenses to highest bidders/ Voters would decide; Strickland rejects idea.
A bad deal for Ohio/Governor's slot-machine plan is no good; voters need final say on any plan.
Temporary budgets are costly, hurt Ohioans, Strickland says.
Slot vote delaying budget/ Strickland, Republicans at odds over gambling.
Dennis Willard: GOP offer to governor a good deal.
Governor rejects call for November vote on slots.
Ohio senate favors putting slots on state ballot.

July 7
Ohio senate president proposes putting VLT issue on November ballot.
Even the governor's cousin carps about budget cuts.
Partisan lines drawn as Ohio lawmakers bicker over budget.
Strickland opposes slots ballot issue.
Ohio senate favors taking slots to ballot.
Senate president Bill Harris unveils slots ballot issue.
Bill Harris, contra Strickland, seeks to pursuade.
Harris seeks Strickland support on slots amendment.
Shut down the state? just maybe/ accusations fly from both parties.
Strickland rips into senate/ He'll sign 2nd temporary budget, but fuses short.
Even easy bill tough to pass/ Ohio lawmakers skip no chance to make deal.
Battle over state budget continues/ legislators OK'd a temporary budget to fund the government until July 14.
GOP senators want referendum on slots plan.

July 6
Second temporary budget passed for Ohio; rhetoric heats up.
State senate passes second temporary budget.
Governor and lawmakers are failing Ohio.
Three jockey for Schuler's vacant seat/ Schuler: 3 seek seat in senate.
Ohio governor wants around-the-clock budget work.
Slots vs. cuts: what will fix state budget? Strickland, lawmakers square off over solution.
Gov. Ted Strickland's popularity falls, while support soars for gambling in Ohio, Quinnipiac University poll finds/ 46 percent back governor in poll, a steep decline since May.

July 5
Massive cuts weigh on governor.
Ready for examination/ at the statehouse, they emphasize spending cuts. Why, then, the relutance to look closely at 'tax expenditures'?
State budget talks continue; committees to consider cuts, slots.
Dead senator's seat up for grabs.
Will Ohio burn as its leaders fiddle?

July 4
Ohioans turning on their leader/ poll on Strickland.
Voters like slots but want the final say/ Ohioans would support gambling at tracks and casinos, according to survey.
Ohio court to consider satellite TV tax case/ legal loss could be costly for state.

July 3
Abandoning children.
Strickland still hopeful on budget stalemate.
Statehouse hearings offer no budget cure/ plan to install slot machines at tracks still divides parties.
No budget, but lots of talking.
Unbalanced republicans/ the party's own considerable role in creating the state budget mess.
Slots standoff attracts crowds to Ohio Statehouse meetings.

July 2
Strickland tells lawmakers: stay put until budget reached.
Strickland on slots: 'not seeking political cover'
Ohio senate to hold hearings on slots/ house approves second temporary weeklong budget; lawmakers fight to make ends meet.
House OKs temporary budget/ legislators still at impasse on fix for Ohio's $3.2B shortfall.
Ohio house approves second 7-day budget.
Statehouse democrats, GOP call dueling hearings today.
No deal yet, but hearings set on slots, cuts/ both sides casting the other as villain in the standoff.
Dueling hearings: slots vs. more cuts/ senate to check estimates of gambling income; house looks for $1billion if it falls through.
Dennis Willard: Ohio legislators refuse to compromise on budget.

July 1
Ohio lawmakers approve temporary budget.
Senate to hold hearings on slots plan.
What's behind the numbers?
Ohio supreme court to hear satellite TV tax appeal.
Stalemate continues as interim budget is signed.
Gambling with Ohio's future.
Strickland signs interim budget.
Governor & republicans at odds over VLT's.
Strickland signs week's budget as slots fight rages.
Strickland signs temporary budget.
Strickland, republican play chicken.
Stalemate continues as interim budget is signed.
Down to the wire-and beyond-on budget.
Ohio bueget crisis forces food banks to scramble.
Ohio lawmakers pass 7-day temporary budget extension/ standoff over slots-at-racetrack keeps talks at stalemate.
Phony issue/ state budget isn't stalled by the fight over slots, it's stalled by the leadership deficit.
Ohio house passes seven-day temporary budget extension while slots plan remais blocked.