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Collection Brethren Church Archives Manuscript Collections
Title Amana Colony
Accession number BCA2013-01
Admin/Biographical History In turbulent 18th century Germany in the midst of a religious movement called Pietism, two men, Eberhard L. Gruber and Johann F. Rock, advocated faith renewal through reflection, prayer and Bible study. Their belief, one shared by many other Pietists, was that God, through the Holy Spirit, may inspire individuals to speak. This gift of inspiration, or prophecy, was the basis for a religious group that began meeting in 1714 and became known as the Community of True Inspiration. Though the Inspirationists sought to avoid conflict, they were persecuted for their beliefs. Eventually the Inspirationists found refuge in central Germany settling in several estates, including the 13th century Ronneburg castle.

The documents found here were from the Bern, Switzerland region.
Caption Certificate of residence.
Catalog Number BCA2013-01
Creator Amana Colony
Dates of Creation 1813
Imagefile 014\BCA201301.JPG
Object Name Document
Scope & Content Amana Colony Documents at Ashland Theological Seminary / Brethren Church Archives
Ashland, Ohio

List of contents for the 12 items.

1.Certificate of citizenship for Martin Trautmann, residing in Lieblos, in the principality (Fürstenthum) Ysenburg in Germany,
Issued by the Canton of Bern, showing that Trautmann was a citizen of Grosshöchstetten [sic], issued on the 11th March 1813

2.This document appears to be either a prophecy or a "letter" addressed to the community (probably a prophecy), with this heading:

Er hat sie zu Königen und Priestern erklärt. Offenb. 1, 6
[He has declared them to be kings and priests. Revelation 1:6]

Auch die Schule Satans soll anbäten zu deinen fü?en und erkennen da? ich dich geliebet habe. Offenb. 3, 9
[Also the school (or synagogue) of Satan shall worship at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you. Revelation 3:9]

Misere mei [Latin, have mercy on me]

The affection [Lieblichkeit] of the royal and priestly Highness at this time is progressing, but has a use [or purpose, nuzen?], ___ ___ so that the school of Satan more than once must show reverence to [before] the priestly kingdom, which has already occurred often. …
[This handwriting appears similar to 18th century handwriting. The spelling and vocabulary are much more typical of the first half of the 18th century than of the nineteenth century. With the Latin invocation, Misere mei, I wonder if this could be a prophecy by Gruber, perhaps written by Gruber. It might be Einsprechen, a written prophecy, rather than a spoken prophecy recorded by a scribe.]

3.Excerpt from no. 13. Amana, the 23rd February 1857
[This appears to be a copy of a prophecy against Lisbeth (Elisabeth) Trautmann, copied from a book or record of prophecies, perhaps a printed volume.]

4.Religious poetry concerning the death of Martin Trautmann, with this heading:
Middle Eben Ezer [sic, i.e. Ebenezer], 1st [or 11th] of Februay 1845
"Nachruf unsers l[ieben] Bruder Martin Trautmann, welcher den 1ten Februar gestorben"
Poem of 10 stanzas on paper stitched together at the fold. Anonymous.

5.Religious song text with this heading:
Amana, the 14th July 1864
A song about the sad case of the death of d[ear] Sis[ter] Luisa Ritz, nee Trautmann, who died on the 9th of the same month in childbirth [literally: in the child bed] in Amana ___

6.Poetic text with this heading:
Concerning the death of our d[ear] Sister Trautmann, who died on the 22nd January in Amana. [see no. 8 below]

7.5 song texts, dated 1867
[I need to examine the name more closely to decipher it.]
Written in light blue ink on rectangular shaped paper that has been stitched together at the fold.

8.Religious poem in memory of Sister Trautmann, 12 stanzas
Anonymous, no year, heading indicates that the subject, "Sister Trautmann," died in Amana. Text is written on light blue paper.
Heading above poem:
Concerning the death of our d[ear] Sister Trautmann, who died on the 22nd January in Amana
[This appears to be a copy of item no. 6 above.]

9.Baptismal Certificate Rosina, born 24 May, 1827,
daughter of Martin Trautmann and Elisabeth __ ___
(information about sponsors at baptism?)
Authorized at Diesbach on 14 April 1834 (stamp from Canton Bern)
This is a copy taken from the church baptismal registry. On the reverse side there is a note at the bottom: "At Gross-Höchstetten [sic, the "o" has an umlaut], entered on pag. 327"

10.Religious poetry (perhaps a hymn text?)
Anonymous, undated, no place. Manuscript on lined paper (the lined paper suggests that the paper is from the nineteenth or perhaps early twentieth century)

11.Certificate of residence:
For Georg Martin Trautmann, in Gross Hochstetten, District of Konolfingen, Canton Bern; Issued 8 September 1834

12.Certificate of residence:
For Rosina Trautmann, in Gross Hochstetten, District of Konolfingen, Canton Bern;
Issued 8 Sept 1834

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