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Collection Harris, Bill M. Ohio Senate papers
Title Newsclipping index
Accession number 10-20
Catalog Number 10-20News052009
Date May 2009
Object Name Newsclippings
Scope & Content 2009

May 30
Ohio Senate slashes spending, schools plan.
Ohio Senate cuts more than $1B from House version of state budget.
A tough sell? County officials are cool to the idea of bypassing voters to impose $13 million a year in 'sin taxes' to buy Nationwide Arena.
Senate bill allows waste district to keep power to regulate trash.
Ohio Senate slashes spending, schools plan.
$650M chopped from Ohio budget/ finance panel rewrites plan of governor.
Changes in school funding rejected/ Strickland's method 'flawed' too costly, Senate GOP says.
Ohio budget/ Senate rewrites Strickland's budget.

May 29
"A building problem" Blue Jackets work to stave off relocation talk.
On thin ice/ Could the Jackets leave town?
Senate looks to gut $1B from budget
Senate bill allows waste district to keep power to regulate trash.
County officials cool to idea of bypassing voters/ Plan to impose #13 million a year in 'sin taxes' to buy Nationwide Arena.
Portman questions value of endorsing/ Senate hopeful says custom is 'overrated' in visit to Valley.
Ohio Senate slashes spending.
Republicans unveil revamped state budget proposal.
Senate budget supports investment in higher education/ Interim president Monica Rimai respondes to the budget proposal passed by the Ohio Senate.

May 28
Proposal calls for county takeover of Nationwide Arena.

May 26
All gambling isn't local/ yet another idea surfaced to permit electronic slot machines. It offers the same false promise of aiding education.
Ashland dedicates military memorial/ New monument honors county residents who have died in war.
Pennsylvania prudent to limit driving speed to 65 mph or less, officials say.

May 24
Ohio senate republicans look to slash budget by $1 billion/ Majority working to slash $1 billion.
Fixing budget hole will take political courage.
Gambling push gaining traction.

May 23
Wagoner selected for fellowship
GOP senators face challenge on budget/ majority working to slash $1 billion.
Budget reality check about to catch up with state's leaders.
First candidate declares for 2010 state senate race-Jordan, Brenner biding their time.
Gambling push gathers momentum.
Ohio Senate to consider court employee union issue.

May 22
Gov. Ted Strickland, Armound Budish and Bill Harris still say they won't raise taxes despite budget meltdown.

May 21
Ohio house passes 6-month halt to home foreclosures.
House OKs foreclosure prevention/ Democrats back bill with 6-month moratorium: GOP leery.

May 20
Bad economy fires a renewed interest in gambling.
70 mph proposed for Ohio.
Deeper hole/ the state's deteriorating financial position makes increasingly plain rhe need for tax increase to balance the next two-year budget.
Horseman rally for slots at tracks, claim industry down to wire.
Ohio bill would raise top speed limit to 70 mph.

May 19
Ohio senate leader open to vote on more gambling.
GOP lawmakers differ on slot machines for Horse Racing Tracks.
Sen. Bill Seitz calls out Gov. Ted Strickland on slots; lawmakers urge support for more gambling.
GOP: budget to be 'painful'/ tough cuts needed to erase $3 billion shortfall for 2010-11, state senators warn.

May 17
Truth time/ Strickland shows grasp of reality as he leaves tax increase on table.

May 13
Ohio house panel passes foreclosure moratorium.
Rallying againist funding cuts in Ohio.
Update from the School Choice Rally, over 4,000 attend.
Charter-school advocates rally againist cuts in state.
Charities fear competition with Ohio for donor.
Charter schools protest Strickland's proposal for funding.
GOP ready to help charter schools.
'Save my school'/ 2,000 protest plan that would chop funding.
Governor keeping tax hike on table/ Strickland says he'll hear all sides.
Strickland plan draws fire/ he wants state-run nonprofit agencies.
Law would freeze foreclosures six months.
Ohio House panel passes foreclosure moratorium.
Ohio lawmakers debate a six-month freeze on foreclosures.
Gov. Ted Strickland wants bill allowing state departments to have nonprofit agencies.
Governor keeping tax hike on table.
Ashland chamber honored for promoting communication.

May 12
Senate to focus on budget details.

May 11
Bellville to host groundbreaking for genealogy library.

May 10
Prisoners among us.

May 9
Budget mess is big headache in Columbus.
Contact your state senator about the Ohio budget.
Proponents see budget boost in gambling plans/ Revenue could start soon, they say, but will opponents budge?
Reeling Ohioans could use a hefty dose of bold action.
State nonprofit plan likely a nonstarter.
Backers of gambling proposals say they offer a way out of budget bind.

May 8
Budget problem realized April 28/ Strickland told the day before vote.
Tax shortfall to widen state budget hole.

May 7
Ohio's budget is moving faster toward disaster.
New budget hole worries agencies/ social service groups could lose recent gains.
In the carbird seat, thanks to John Kasich/ Strickland looks strong against another ideologue.
Big hole/ state income tax revenues plunged dramatically in April. Will the governor and lawmakers now make the responsible choice?
United Way agenicies up in arms over Strickland's amendment/ charities, state government would be vying for funds from individuals and companies.
Ohio's budget is moving faster toward disaster.

May 6
Mental-health cuts carry hefty price, advocates warn Ohio legislators.
Budget gap likely to hit Ohio's poor/ GOP senators say 'no sacred cows' in $1 biollion cuts.
Taxes leave hole in Ohio budget/ collections down more than 15 percent.
Budget bombshell lands on senate/ unexpectedly large tax shortfall forces senate to 'start from scratch' on budget.
Tax collection sleave a $600 million gap in Ohio budget.
Officials weigh tapping rainy day fund to finish fiscal year.

May 5
Ohio income-tax revenue drops, leaving huge hole in yearly budget.
State facing $600 M deficit/ Ohio may need to use most of its rainy day fund to make up for income tax shortfall.
Statement from Senate President Bill Harris on state budget shortfall.

May 4
GOP aims paring knife at budget/ deficits worry Ohio Senate.

May 3
Senate ready to trim budget plan.

May 2
Why Jon Husted is right for Secretary of State.

May 1
Kasich names treasurer for 2010 campaign against Strickland.