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Collection Harris, Bill M. Ohio Senate papers
Title Newsclipping index
Accession number 10-20
Catalog Number 10-20News122009
Date December 2009
Exhibit# 0
Object Name Newsclippings
Scope & Content 2009

December 31
Editorial: Ohio third frontier deserves teamwork.

December 30
Harris steps forward.
Short takes/ Ohio senate president.

December 29
Frontier consensus/ Bill Harris steps up to push Ohio forward

December 28
Lawmaker endorses May vote on jobs program/ Ohio senate leader agrees to putting renewal on ballot.

December 27
Parties unite to promote thriving third frontier.
Legislature stalled in '09/ statehouse ends an unproductive year/ agenda dominated by budget.
Jobless-aid fund bleeds unchecked/ federal loans for Ohio.

December 26
Local girl walks to cure her disease.

December 23
Strickland's Christmas present: senate GOP deal on state budget
Strickland signs bill to fill gap in budget.

December 22
Governor blasts partisan 'rancor'/ Strickland lashes out at 'hot-headed republicans' for not supporting his budget policies.

December 21
No thanks to some, Ohio finally gets a working budget.
Government can't fix the mess it created.

December 20
Ohio budget cuts hurt efforts to curb overdoses.
The leaders versus the blusterers.
5 is lucky number for GOP in senate

December 19
Ohio leaders finally emerge.

December 18
Strickland, legislators agree on budget fix.

December 17
Deal reached on state budget impasse.
Strickland, statehouse leaders try to cobble state budget deal.
Budget mess stirs fear/ as talks continue, social-service agenicies plead for mercy.
Democrats offer compromise with contract reform/ Strickland seeks 5 GOP votes for propsed delay in tax cuts.

December 16
Strickland hints at special session/ budget impasse prompts threat.
Budget woes bigger than holiday break/ Strickland urges lawmakers to stay in session.
Budget hole means big trouble.
Warnings mount as clock ticks/ budget stalemate prompts governor to talk of forcing Christmas session.
GOP senators try to force $851M in cuts/ Republicans to offer laternate plan.
A fair deal for all.
Ohio governor: budget should trump holiday plans.
Our opinion: Harris needs to back down on budget.

December 15
Chambers support renewal of third frontier.
Here's the deal/ neither party has the votes for construction reform: now they must act quickly to close the state's budget hole.
State budget cuts would devastate local schools, superintendents say.
Metcalf: budget snag could shut school.

December 14
Little action on state bills aimed at housing crisis.

December 13
No end in sight for statehouse bill gridlock/ since Jan. 1 only 10 bills, 6 of them required for state operation, have become law.
Legislators are raking in deducation/ lawmakers don't need proof to claim mileage.
Construction delay at the statehouse/ a good idea deserves better from both parties.

December 12
House speaker warns schools of cuts without budget deals.

December 11
GOP antics hurt Ohio.
Schools to legislature: hurry it up/ lingering budget bickering imperils $1.7 billion in education money.

December 10
Districts fret as state mulls school funds/ 10%-15% cuts loom as legislators work to wipe out $851M deficit.
Ohio school districts frustrated by budget impasse.

December 9
Budget talks break down on "construction reform"
Unfunded mandates put pressure on Olentangy leaders/ a propsed bill designed to curb childhood obesity would add to the financial pain, district officials say.
GOP adamant on long-term fixes in budget/ Democrats prefer legislation that deals solely with current shortfall.
Ohio house passes bills/ coverage for autism, diabetes could have trouble in Senate.
What Ted Strickland, Bill Harris and Armond Budish could learn from their predecessors at the statehouse.

December 8
Ohio farm bureau gears up for next stage in Issue 2 battle.
Debate over Ohio budget fix continues.
Gee: change construction law/ move could save colleges millions, but budget fix takes precedence.

December 7
'Frontier' partisans.

December 6
Budget deal/ the pieces are in place to resolve Ohio's budget stalemate. The next step is for lawmakers to make it happen.
Bipartisan dismissal/ democrats and republicans deal with Jack Morrison.
Senate GOP enjoys perks, ignores vows/ GOP in Ohio senate averse to raising taxes.

December 4
Kindergarten plan in doubt/ state budget woes could scuttle governor's push for all-day classes.

December 3
Lawmakers hammering out deal to balance state budget/ Republicans' conditions to delay tax cut are key hurdle.
Bill in works to help curb, prosecutre serial abuse.
Still not near a deal/ black caucus opposes GOP push to include construction changes.
Budget talks break down on "construction reform"
Ohio senate removes trustee/ vote ousts Morrison from the UA board.
A swing state, swinging into action/ next year's top Ohio races will be closely watched.
Lawmakers hammering out deal to balance state budget.

December 2
Is the Ohio senate now 'ungovernable'?
End the game-playing on the budget.
Local educators deserved voice in funding talks.
Senate GOP OK with tax delay? Plan might fly if republicans get to add propsals.
Ohio budget debate continues.
Frontier partisans/ senate republicans play politics with the state's economic future.

December 1
Ohio lawmakers seek third frontier ballot initiative.
$1B wanted for third frontier/ voters may be asked for more money for the tech program even though funding is not yet expired.
Democrats want to renew high-tech plan.